1946 Cessna C-140 Inspection and engine adjustment

If a Cessna C-180 Skywagon would has a baby, she probably looked - alike that! 1946 Cessna One-Forty. A weak Continental 85 Hp engine can amazingly get this little tin can burning thru the sky at cruising speed of 110 mph! ????

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Piper PA-22 Pacer Restoration!

Airplane has been purchased in Virginia, in February 2019, delivered in May to our facility. All systems have been replaced or restored, engine inspected in engine shop. New Radio and Transponder has been installed. New firewall, floor, upholstery, control cables, safety harness. Annual Inspection carried out. All work took 5 months of the hard work… Test flight has been done in October 2019!

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Flights, tests flights and ferryflights for CZAW company

From 1998 to 2010, I have been conducting test flights for Czech Aircraft Works. I had the opportunity to fly over 470 new aircraft during this time period. Most were Zenair aircraft, followed by Sportcruiser, several Mermaid flying ships and other types of aircraft.

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Winter Flying with Piper L-18C

Winter Flying with Piper L-18C

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Savage Carbon Classic

Savage Carbon Classic building progress photos

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