Piper L4 Fun Observer Photo Flying

Weekend fun Flying Piper L4 in nice weather D-DAY celebration at Falcon Aircraft! As every year on June 6, a small DNE-D (landing in Normandy) celebration will take place in our company.

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Grunau Baby - Glider Grunau Baby II.b

Grunau Baby - our little baby. Restored, Painted and Test Flown......

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Make your Piper Cub better than new.

Falcon Aircraft perform any Piper Cub line (J3 CUB, L4, J4, PA-18, etc.) aircraft restoration, which brings upgrade of the structure, functionality and performance of the airplane, to a Better Than New condition, by using present aviation repair, and manufacturing technology.

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Savage Vintage Classic Limited Edition aj

Savage Vintage Classic Limited Edition! Another piece built by our company on a turnkey basis from the Zlin Aviation kit. After trial operation and registration, the machine will be handed over to a foreign customer - from Slovakia, who has ordered this limited above-standard configuration of the aircraft from our company. The Bush Plane will roam the skies around the High Tatras

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Savage OM-VIN

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