Towing VSO 10 for Savage Tow Master

389 / 5000 Výsledky překladu On the weekend we dragged Vosa with our new pet, take a look at the photo sequence of the short takeoff in our Photo Gallery. Who knows a bit of the airport in Kroměříž knows that the cones of the threshold markings are about 50 m from the edge of the runway, the place where VSO 10-ka stands before takeoff ... Up to 1000 m above the ground, the lift time was about 6-8 min. Average climb 2 - 2.5 m / s. Comfort on board warmth, and peace. Climb at 5000 rpm. / 120

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Delivering Zenair 601 Zodiac after repair to England!

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3 X Zenair CH 601 Zodiac TDO with Matco tundra wheels application!

Zenair CH-601 Zodiac. Two-seater all-metal ultralight with our modified landing gear.

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Grunau Baby in Kroměříž

If these days you see something flying silently at Kroměříž Airport, it is really an unmistakable silhouette of the legendary glider Grunau Baby, crashing at a huge speed of 63 Km / h! Thanks to our friends from the Austrian airport Spitzerberg, our company has borrowed the glider Grunau Baby II B. These legendary gliders were part of the booty of German technology after the Second World War and a popular training glider not only of the Czechoslovak Aeroclub. In 1951, after a party decision, the Communists sent these beautiful machines, like most loot technology, to the scrap yard of history. Today it is rather a rarity in our sky ...

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Savage Classic, our company car

After 2 months of intermittent work, our company completed the construction of the Savage Classic aircraft from the kit of the Zlin Aviation company. The plane flies as we expected from a clone of the famous Piper Cub machine. The space in the cabin is the same as the original Piper, but the performance and payload have increased. Thanks to the flaps, it is a real TABLE. Large Tundra tires allow landings and takeoffs on rougher surfaces and that suits us! Come and try it!

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