Zenair CH 601 HD TDO modification by FalconAircraft Classicaircraft.cz

Zenair CH 601 HD TDO modification by FalconAircraft

Zenair CH 601 HD TDO modification by FalconAircraft Date: 20.12.2014
In 2004, our company produced the classic CH 601 Zodiac HD TDO aircraft with FalconAircraft modifications. The main adjustments were:
construction of a flying attachment of the tundra wheels for landing in worse terrain,
strengthening of fuselage sides with diagonal L reinforcements
installation of a tactical sling under the fuselage (for headlights, smokestacks, loudspeaker, siren, etc ...).
double light in the wing
new laminated spur spring with spur wheel. This spur has taken hold so much that another is no longer used in Europe.
The main designer of the modifications was Mr. Zbyněk Kratochvíl, the head of the Proposal of the Modifications was Mr. Marek Vala. All adjustments were made with a positive result. The aircraft received a NAVY blue spray. For more than two years, this beautiful machine has served our company for domestic business flights and flights for pleasure without any breakdown. We sold the machine in 2006 to Jehnědí, where it continues to serve. For great success, we were asked to produce three more machines modified in this way! Today, four Zodiacs modified in this way fly. Thanks to this ingenious designer Chris Heintz for a great simple and practical design! We will not forget!