Savage Classic Project!

Savage Classic Project!

Savage Classic Project! Date: 20.09.2021

Savage Classic Project!

This project has been purchased from the Savage Aircraft manufacturer

Few years has passed by, before we finished this project in the middle of our regular work... 

Complete Instrument panel layout and electric bundle design  including installation work, has been done ny our friends and colleagues Eugen Sokolovský a Honza Dašovský at Czech Haven - Budkovice airfield.

WIngs and struts has been replaced, all other parts has been rebuild up to a new aircraft tolerances. Ceconite C-102 covering program applied. 

Rotax 912 ULS overhaul has been done by Jiří Hybler, the engine specialist from Mladá Boleslav.

PPG Poly-Acrylic painting procedure has been used.

Final Assembly and the maiden Test Flight has been done at Kroměříž airport (LKKM), by Marek Vala.

10 hours of comprehensive flight testing program has been flown to check the reliability of all aircraft systems.

On 15-th of September, the aircraft has been ferry flown to Prague- Ricany airfield, and handover to the new happy owner! :-)  


Classic Aircraft Team!