Laminate Spring Spurs FalconShape

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- Laminate Spring Spurs FalconShape

Fiberglass leaf spring!  Easy installation with a caliper, the possibility of installation on most ULL and Experimental aircraft, with minimal or no modification to the original spur attachment.

The composite spring is made of laminated glass fiber, hardened in a vacuum chamber

The softness or flexibility of the spring can be adjusted by varying the rotation between the yoke and the front fitting, which is housed in a rubber bed. The weight of the spring is about 750g.

Operating load 0-180kg Yield strength is 250Kg.

The spur spring is designed so that it can be installed on most aircraft with a classic landing gear.

Installation tested by our company on Christen Eagle, Kitfox, Savage, Cub Experimental, Zenair Zodiac and many others with very good results from operation.


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