Make your Piper Cub better than new.

Make your Piper Cub better than new.

Make your Piper Cub better than new. Date: 20.08.2013

Falcon Aircraft  perform any Piper Cub line (J3 CUB, L4, J4, PA-18, etc.) aircraft restoration, which brings upgrade of the structure, functionality and performance of the airplane, to a Better Than New condition, by using present aviation repair, and manufacturing technology.

An ideal candidate for Falcon Aircraft restoration is a high time, tired old Piper Cub. Can be structuraly damaged, but  includes all pieces, parts and an engine in airworthy condition. When you bring in your Cub, we'll carefully and thoroughly inspect it, documenting its condition before you sign the rebuild contract. So you will know the cost prior the Restoration.

For the structural Piper Cub airframe repair, our company has designed  heavy duty Welding Jig. This equipment allows us to make excessive repair and remanufacturing of damaged Cub airframe. Using original material and tubing, welding by certified aviation welders brings old and tired Cub back to service.

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