About us

We are an experienced team of aircraft technicians, we provide comprehensive services in the field of general aviation, especially in the field of aircraft maintenance.

We provide following  Classic Aircraft Services  :

  • Maintenance, alterations and major repairs of N-registered aircraft
  • Performing periodic inspections and general repairs of structurally damaged aircraft
  • Handeling  even the most demanding repairs of various types of aircraft from scratch
  • Extensive experience in renovating historic aircraft 
  • Complete services in the field of import and export of aircraft
  • We supply spare parts, including engines and propellers for most of the GA aircraft
  • We provide pre-buy inspections





We service your purchased aircraft. We will create a regular maintenance plan for you. We advise on maintenance for inspection or inspection, with flight improvements or overhauls. We will arrange a revision or repair of the structure.

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Do you think about the upgrade of your Avionics? Classic Aircraft is an expert in this field. Modern Glass Cockpit Avionics, or Classic Instrument panels?  Our EASA FAA licensed technicians and installers produce a modern, user friendly package tailored to the aircraft and pilot. Providing more than just an installation...

We specialize in layout, fabrication and wiring of all types of panels. Only the highest quality MIL-Spec Teflon coated cable and installation hardware are used. Wiring is always done in accordance with manufacturer's specification and FAA guidelines. A complete wiring package assures minimal work during final installation. We can also assist with any additional wiring/installation questions that arise during the installation process.



We will turn your plane into a new one. We will design the reconstruction, restore the colors, upholstery. We harmonize the details of the cabin with the exterior, we modernize. Take a look at our restored aircraft.

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