PROFITEX revolving ventilation windows

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- PROFITEX revolving ventilation windows

PROFITEX revolving ventilation windows, suitable for all types of cabins, diameter 90 mm. Easy installation, warranty, service.
The Profitex window is used for ventilation, airing and blowing of the cabin - it depends on the method of installation. The direction and amount of air flow is controlled with a rotary control wheel, on the inside of the cab.
  1. Draw a circle with a diameter of 63 mm on the surface of the cabin at the intended installation location.
  2. Cut the hole. We recommend using a high-speed drill or grinder (Dremmel) with a small-diameter milling or drilling machine.
  3. Cean the hole, we need it.
  4. Insert the window into the hole and mark the position of the holes for the screws with a marker - 4 pcs of M4
  5. Drill 4 holes with a diameter of 4.1 mm (recommended with a drill with a blunt tip for concrete-cracking), needle the edges of the holes.
  6. Install the window (tighten the screws lightly)


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